Sariayu Acne Care Review

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Long time not review some of beauty product on this site. So, today I’ll review a skin care product from Indonesia (local brand). Just lil bit share what happen before. I got addict to some skin care product, I’ll not let you know which product. Cause person has a different skin type, so it’s not must happening on you.

A month ago try to buy some acne care by Sariayu (local brand). I just try to be confident when apply this product on my face that full of pimple. My Mom say, I should to try this one. Hope it’s will gonna be okay like before. So, I get a good result on this product. Now just on my way to remove some of dark skin.

Let me to introduce which product I use on my acne face.

1. Sariayu Acne Care Lotion

I use this lotion for reduce my acne, it’s helping me much. Sariayu Acne Carw Lotion is liquid lotion with sulfur and pegagan (I don’t know this trees actually). Whem you apply on your face skin, it’s make you want to close your eyes. Cause of menthol sensation. But, it’s work for me. My acne getting more small and not red like before. You need to patient when use this one, cause not have fast effect.

2. Sariayu Acne Care Cream Mask

This one is work too for me. Sariayu Acne Care Mask have same fungtion like other one. Made with pegagan extract for reduce your acne and take care of your skin. And I feel it now.

3. Sariayu Intensive Acne Care

Nha,… This one is so so so awesome. I just use it for 2 days and my acne gone. Sariayu Intensive Acne Care made with sulfur and pegagan extract. But it’s so special and treat your acne so intensive. My acne gone just on 2 days.

How about price??? Cheaper than other skin care or cream from beauty clinic. I swear it’s good product. I buy these product in Hypermart and Foodmart. But, also can buy these product on Marthatilaar Shop. Easy to buy this product and all of they’re product.

I’ll review other beauty product on next post. So soon. Hope you enjoy your life and see you.
Photo credit: Marthatilaar Shop

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