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How To Married In Indonesia With Foreigner?

Aah very long time not write anything here. I always has much idea that want to share here, but always lazy when see the PC Monitor or Keyboard. Now I write it on my Mobile App that I get it on Google Play. Marriage???

Why I write it? Just want to share and make it easy for everyone. Why make a post like this? Cause I want to help some of friends to prepare their wedding. Especially about some document if you’ll married with foreigner.

Isn’t much hard or easy thing actually, but just nake sure if your document already completed. And marriage statement in Indonesia no need much money if your document already completed. For Moslem can processing in KUA (Kantor Urusan Agama/ Office of Religious Affairs) and it’s free or just pay IDR 600,000 if your wedding not in Office of Religious Affair (Home, Masjid, or Ballroom). And if you not Moslem, can processinf your marriage statement in Office of Civil Registry. Actually I don’t know much about how to processing marriage statement in Office of Civil Registry. But, I’ll write about How To Process Marriage Statement in Office of Religious Affairs. 

Regulation of Marriage with foreigner (WNA) in Indonesia s set in the Marriage Law No. 1 of 1974 in which the marriages between Indonesia citizen with foreignet (WNA) is referred to as mixed marriages. The various documents and requirements that must be met by the administration to carry out such kixed marriage in KUA (Office of Religious Affairs) for the Moslem, whom git married in KUA with WNA.

Term Married at KUA with WNA (foreigner).

Documents and requirements for bride who is an Indonesian citizen:

1. A statement that has never been married (still a virgin or virgin) on the stamp Rp. 6.000, – (six thousand rupiah) which are known by the RT, RW, and Lurah where you live.

2. Introduction letter of RT-RW where you live. 

3. Marriage Description Letter (N1, N2, N4) of the village or the village where the two candidates live. 

4. Bride Approval (N3). 

5. Recommendation Letter or Married in different place where you. This letter is also known as Letter of Marriage Coming to those who are not native of the area. In other words, for the bride to be married and not in the region (sub-district to another), then there must be a Recommendation Letter of Marriage from KUA where you live. 

6. Copy of Identity Card (KTP),  Family Card (KK) or a domicile certificate, birth certificate, and diploma, in which each statement as much as 2 pieces. 

7. Copy of vaccine / immunization Tetanus Toxoid (TT) for the bride. 

8. First Divorced Certificate for those who are widows / widowers who previously had divorced life, along with a copy of the verdict news the event of the Court Agama. 

9. Description Letter or a death certificate of husband / wife (N6) and quote the previous marriage certificate for the widow / widower since his death (the couple who had previously died) on Lurah a photo where you live.

10. Photo 2 × 3 and 3 × 4 with the blue background, which each of the 4 pieces. Special members of TNI / Polri, the photos should be wearing uniforms.

11. Permission of Commander (of unity), for members of TNI / Polri. 

12. Dispensation of the Religious Courts for: Prospective groom whose age is less than 19 years, Prospective brides whose age is less than 16 years, men who want to do poligamy. 

13. Parent’s Permission Letter (N5) for the bride and groom that has not been aged 21 tahun. Taukil guardian in writing of the KUA residence for male guardians (of the women) who are unable to attend the procession consent qobul or contract marriage contract. 

14. Embraced Certificate of Islam for converts.

Documents and requirements for bride / groom which is a foreign citizen (WNA):

1. Permission from the embassy or consulate representatives who are in Indonesia.

2. Copy of passport is still active.

3. Copy of VISA or Permits are still active.

4. Evidence of foreign tax paid (for those who work in Indonesia).

5. Self Reporting Signs Letter (STMD) of police and a Certificate from the Department of Population and Civil Registry if the person concerned settled in Indonesia.

6. Copy of Deed Born.

7. Divorced Certificate for the widow / widower divorced indeed separate.

8. Photo 2 × 3 and 3 × 4 with the blue background, which respectively 4 pieces.

9. Information embraced of Islam for mualaf.

10. Taukil guardian in writing for male guardians (of the women) who are unable to attend the procession consent qobul or the marriage contract.

If the marriage guardian does not agree, then the bride and groom (catin) may apply to the Court of Religion as guardian of marriage is not willing to be guardian. If the request is granted, then the judge will use adhol guardian. In this case the guardian is the KUA (usually the head of KUA), but before you apply to the Religious Court, that would be settled amicably prior to the trustee. If really can not or will not, then apply to the local religious court.

I just can share lil bit info that I know here on this blog. Maybe next time I’ll write about Marriage Statement in Office of Civil Registry. But must find more info first before write it here. Hope it’s enough for now, and can help you who will married with foreigner. Feel free to contact me if you want to ask me more. Just leave comment below,…
Thanks, hope you enjoy your life. XO XO

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