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Family Trip In Tenggarong

Tenggarong Creative Park

Hello Dears,…

How are you friends? I just little bit busy at work, so can’t update new post here. Hope you’ve wonderful life and anything is well ya. Okay,… On this post I’ll share bit about my family trip. It’s like a family picnic, not go to far way. We visit Tenggarong 😄😄😄. 

Let me told you about Tenggarong ya, just little bit. Cause, I don’t know much story of this city. Tenggarong is central city of Kutai Kertanegara, East Borneo. You can go there by car for 4 hours *maybe. I am not sure about how long to having trip to Tenggarong, cause my Papa always stop in some place.

In Tenggarong you can visit a Palace of Kesultanan Kutai, the oldest kingdom in Indonesia. I can’t telling you much about this history, cause just hear it when in elementary school. 

This is picture of Lembuswana, thats a symbol of Kesultanan Kutai. I don’t know what it mean, but will try to find it later and share to you my dear. Sorry if picture not clear, cause toke this one when on the car.

We come to Ladaya (Ladang Budaya), it’s look like small village. Many people come to having small picnic, toke some photo, or playing some games in this place. It’s very classy with small house, and these house named with some place in Kutai Kertanegara. Before in, you need ti oay the ticket IDR 50.000/person. No one know how to come this place (on my family), so I just try to fix it with Google Maps. Very helping us to find Ladaya. Just walk and listen the instruction to get the destination. I take many picture there, but can’t share it here. Sorry 😁

Then we go to Taman Kota Tenggarong near Mahakam River. Look at photo below 👇

Just focus to the car that break a wall, don’t focus to my brother. Lol 😅 Very coloring place in Tenggarong.

Now we move to Kemala Island. I even come to this city when am graduate from elementary school with friends and teacher of SDN 032 (now SDN 002) Sepinggan. When I come to this island, we need to pay boat. Am not remember how much must pay it, cause too young. Now very easy to visit Kemala Island, you just buy ticket to use Jembatan Repo Repo or Repo Repo Bridge *am not sure about this name, so if I am wrong just let me know ya. How much you must pay the ticket? Not expensive, just IDR 17.000/person. 

Just look at the bridge, not my brothers. I’ll show you some picture of Kemala Island below, just check it out 👇

Cause if raining, we need to hurry. We go to Samarinda, central city of East Borneo. Yippiiiii,… 

I just share it for today, maybe next time I’ll share many things with you dears. Have a nice day and enjoy your life dears.

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