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Don’t Start With A Secret

Good Evening my Dear,…

When you look at this post tittle, the first think is “What happen with it?”. Yaps,… I want to write “Dont Start With A Secret”. Okay, back to point. I just a human, normal and sensitive, but my heart very smooth (dont think about strawberries smoothies 😅😅😅). We talk about Secret, aah feel like a detective.

If you start

to do something on your life, so please do not keep a secret on yourself. Cause if you still keep something behind, you’ll never know if what you wonder about will be a boomerang on you. I always try to be honest, to myself especially. Make myself comfort is important thing before make a big deal on my life. Always try to not be a lier, cause I know how sad when had a people lie on you.
Mama always say, “Dont try to start something with a secret behind yourself. Cause its will make you feel hurt and ill.” And now I believe its true, when I feel it and come to me. I feel dirty with that thing, that I did. I lie to other person, cause want to make myself feel safe. But, its not work when the person that make you do it keep a lot of secret. My friend say, “Dont keep a big lier on your life for more lie thing. Its look like bet with your future life”.
So, now look and check myself to be better person on the future. And I wont to remember bad thing (just for some lesson maybe).

Keep strong! Keep wise! Keep beauty! Haha 😅😅😅

Enjoy your life, dont forget to say thank you everything 😄😄😄

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